So that you can concentrate on your core operations, Essential Recruitment & Consult are committed to assisting your workforce by providing solutions that will ultimately increase profitability, by maximising productivity and minimising risk.

warehouse worker
  • View rosters online
  • Approve timesheets online
  • Biometric time and attendance
  • No manual data entry
  • No Big Time Clock Machines
  • Scanner is the size of match box

Cloud Systems

Essential Recruitment & Consult use 100% Cloud Based all in one systems with Core HR, Rosters, Time and Attendance, Timesheet Approval and all the reports you need at no additional cost.

Biometric: when it comes to speed and security, there’s no better solution than biometric time and attendance software. Using our facial recognition, clocking on and off can be done within seconds, literally – making it a great option for large businesses with high volumes of employees that clock on at the same time. Eliminate paper time sheets, human error and save hours on manual data entry.