Full Time, Part Time or Casual Employees

Streamlined and Secure

In addition to innovative recruitment, Essential Recruitment & Consult offer a cost-effective, secure and compliant outsourcing payroll service. We process your payroll using a technology advanced time and attendance and payroll system that is maintained and developed in Australia, specifically for Australian employment conditions.

More than Payroll

  • Onboarding Your Employees.
  • Online roster by Location. (Optional).
  • Bio-Metric fingerprint scanners. (Optional).
  • Time and attendance and award Interpretation.
  • Online timesheet approval. (Optional).
  • Pay-Runs archived in your online portal.
  • Superannuation processed and submitted to SuperChoice Clearing House.
  • Weekly Single Touch Reporting to the ATO.

How It Works

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  • Create Rosters.
  • Employee’s use finger scanners to sign in and out of shifts.
  • Supervisors approve the online timesheets.
  • Upload the ABA bank file to pay employees.
  • Review timesheets.
  • Process payroll.
  • Audit payroll for discrepancies.
  • Send ABA bank file to the client.
  • Submit Superannuation report.
  • Prepare the Single Touch Payroll report, fix any discrepancies and submit the report to the ATO.
  • Distribute payslips to employees via the smartphone app.

Let the Experts Manage your Payroll

  • Flexible reporting options.
  • Efficient pay advice distribution through employee self-service.
  • Multiple bank file generation for Australian bank accounts.
  • Termination and redundancy calculations to meet your obligations.

Cost Effective, Secure and Compliant

  • Minimise compliance and legislative risks for PAYG.
  • Secure payroll processing in a purpose-built secure environment by our team of experts based in Sydney.
  • Access to your business’s payroll through our online service.
  • Reduce payroll software, labour and overhead costs by removing the need for dedicated staff and IT infrastructure.

No job too big or small

Comprehensive recruitment process

Safety management plan

Streamline Workforce


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