Full Time, Part Time or Casual Employees

Streamlined and Secure

In addition to innovative recruitment, Essential Recruitment & Consult offer a cost-effective, secure and compliant outsourcing payroll service. We process your payroll using a technology advanced time and attendance and payroll system that is maintained and developed in Australia, specifically for Australian employment conditions.

More than Payroll

  • Onboarding Your Employees.
  • Online roster by Location. (Optional).
  • Bio-Metric fingerprint scanners. (Optional).
  • Time and attendance and award Interpretation.
  • Online timesheet approval. (Optional).
  • Pay-Runs archived in your online portal.
  • Superannuation processed and submitted to SuperChoice Clearing House.
  • Weekly Single Touch Reporting to the ATO.

How It Works

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  • Create Rosters.
  • Employee’s use finger scanners to sign in and out of shifts.
  • Supervisors approve the online timesheets.
  • Upload the ABA bank file to pay employees.
  • Review timesheets.
  • Process payroll.
  • Audit payroll for discrepancies.
  • Send ABA bank file to the client.
  • Submit Superannuation report.
  • Prepare the Single Touch Payroll report, fix any discrepancies and submit the report to the ATO.
  • Distribute payslips to employees via the smartphone app.

Let the Experts Manage your Payroll

  • Flexible reporting options.
  • Efficient pay advice distribution through employee self-service.
  • Multiple bank file generation for Australian bank accounts.
  • Termination and redundancy calculations to meet your obligations.

Cost Effective, Secure and Compliant

  • Minimise compliance and legislative risks for PAYG.
  • Secure payroll processing in a purpose-built secure environment by our team of experts based in Sydney.
  • Access to your business’s payroll through our online service.
  • Reduce payroll software, labour and overhead costs by removing the need for dedicated staff and IT infrastructure.


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